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Travel and Tour Asia September issue 2013

Asia has always been a strong player in the tourism industry and in 2013 it has managed to escalate its status in the industry despite including India despite the falling rupee factor.

In an uneven global economic environment, tourism results have been more than positive in most regions of Asia as compared to the rest of the world in the first half of 2013. Asia and the Pacific saw a 6% rise which has exceeded all expectations, boosted by South-East Asia with a 12% growth and South Asia observed 7% rise in tourism.

The impact of this growth is seen in every sector of tourism generating employment and trying to attain stability in the volatile market. The hotel industry according to STR did see a dismal start  at the beginning of the year but managed to revive its gains after the Chinese New Year with Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania reporting an almost 6.0-percent increase in ADR. Some countries in Asia are doing excellently while others are experiencing setbacks due to the raising dollars. But despite the economic juggernaut Asia's soaring hotel industry should make a convincing read in our theme story.

For better glimpse of Asia there is a lot to read in this month's edition along with the regular features of our magazine. We are hoping that you will enjoy and send your feedbacks.
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Content Image InlineDenver brims over with plethora of infrastructure, amenities and facilities when it comes to meetings and events Read more

Ms. Stephanie Chow, General Manager of the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort:
She her thoughts with us about her brilliantly designed hotel and how the hotel blends with the Chinese heritage and culture Read more

Duty Free Shopping At Airports - Shopping Without Inhibitions:
Content Image InlineWhy spend gallons when you have duty free shops right at some of the best international airports? Read more
Adventure at its best in Croatia:
Content Image InlineWith plethora of these adrenalin-pumping activities, this country will make your trip so much dynamic and vigorous
Traveling to the highest altitudes round the world can be one of your wishes coming true. Asia has some airports located in the highest altitude among the hills and have enhanced travelling and tourist growth in return Read more
Amsterdam tour in 24 hours:
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Tamil Nadu – The growing hub of health & wellness tourism:
Content Image InlineTamil Nadu in recent times is promoting health and medical tourism worldwide. The extraordinary expansion initiated by India has given a boost to the medical tourism industry of the state Read more
30 Aircrafts Emergency Landing:
Content Image Inline30 Aircrafts make Emergency landing - security of thousands compromised

Alison Gilmore, Exhibition Director:
Content Image InlineOn the 12 year of ILTM, TTW interviewed Alison Gilmore, Exhibition Director, focusing on the travel campaign and agenda of the international event to be organized in Cannes Read more
Mr. Markus Mueller, Vice President Sales and Marketing Asia Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts:
Content Image InlineTTW interviewed Mr. Markus Mueller, Vice President Sales and Marketing Asia Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts on the growing trends of luxury tourism

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